Tango Barocco Festival

  • Fecha: 24 julio 2021
  • Hora: 20:00
  • Tipo de evento: Milonga
  • Ubicación: Żagań, Poland
  • Lugar de evento: Żagań Palace of Culture

A festival that is waiting for you all year round! And I miss this option that has an atmosphere with great hope that gives the opportunity and optimism for the next months of construction of the new edition of Barocco 2021.

The idea is to connect: no matter what your musical preferences are, no divisions or agreements, which tango is better, and which one, who dances better or worse. For us, tango is beautiful in its variety! That is why Barocco’s determinant are parallel milongas in two spaces: traditional and nuevo. There will be live music, brilliant workshops and surprises. Tango Barocco 2021 awaits you!