Schleswig Holstein Musik Festival

  • Data: 31 lipiec 2021
  • Godzina: 20:00
  • Typ wydarzenia: Koncert
  • Lokalizacja: Emkendorf, Germany
  • Miejsce: Philharmonie im Park, Open Air

Between Kiel and Rendsburg, at the end of a beautiful avenue of linden and chestnut trees, lies the stately Emkendorf estate. One of the most beautiful and largest estates in Schleswig-Holstein, the von Reventlow family owned it from 1764 to 1929, at which point it passed to the ownership of the family of Dr. Curt Heinrich. Every summer, its gates are opened to visitors of the Schleswig-Holstein Musik Festival along with the numerous musicians who stroll merrily through the property and bring sound to the enchanting grounds from the stage in the park that surrounds the large barn dating back to 1745. Between concerts, visitors can enjoy drinks and food. Meanwhile, the green meadows in front of the magnificent backdrop of the manor house invite you to picnic and enjoy yourself. Things become especially spirited on Saturday evening, when a passionate tango night with musical sensibility makes a splash.

Presented by CITTI
Productpartners are Kölln, Schwartauer Werke, Dithmarscher Privatbrauerei, and Fürst Bismarck Mineralwasser