Recuerdo Tango Festival

  • Fecha: 11 abril 2021
  • Hora:
  • Tipo de evento: Concierto Milonga
  • Ubicación: Warsaw, Poland
  • Lugar de evento:

Recuerdo Tango Festival 2019

“Zapach Kobiety – Live Tango Show”

This is an unforgettable and unique spectacle. Full of sensual passion, elegant costumes, live music performed by one of the best tango orchestras in the world and the finest dance performance.

The seductive movement combined with the amazing sounds flowing from the hands of seasoned Bandonegro musicians creates a real tornado!

Everything to the world’s best tangos and the theme “Por una cabeza”.

Do not miss this unique opportunity to experience the authentic Argentine Tango dance at the highest possible level by the Tang Stars – the best dancers straight from Buenos Aires in the only performance in Poland.

“ZAPACH KOBIETY – Live Tango Show” will leave you breathless, filled with magic and energy resulting from the combination of professionalism and real talent.

“WOMEN’S FRAGRANCE – Live Tango Show” is the culmination of the 4th International Tango Festival RECUERDO, which takes place from November 21-25 in Warsaw.


Vanesa Villalba I Facundo Pinero I Virginia Gomez I Christian Marquez And Manuela Rossi I Juan Malizia I Patrycja Cisowska-Grzybek I Jakub Grzybek I

WOMAN’S FRAGRANCE – Live Tango Show – guest performance
Live music – BANDONEGRO Tango Orchestra
Vanesa Villalba And Facundo Pinero
Virginia Gomez and Christian Marquez
Manuela Rossi And Juan Malizia
Patrycja Cisowska-Grzybek and Jakub Grzybek

A performance for viewers over 15 years of age.
Duration of the performance about 100 minutes. V