May Tango Festival

  • Fecha: 29 mayo 2022
  • Hora: 19:00
  • Tipo de evento: Milonga
  • Ubicación: Zabrze, Poland
  • Lugar de evento: Teatr Nowy

We invite you to the concert “Bandonegro and masters of tango”!

At a time when you can only dream of traveling, a visit to Buenos Aires is as unreal as a flight into space, we invited a part of Buenos to Zabrze.
A concert performed by young Polish musicians who shines in the arena of the best shows of popular dancers from Argentina, Uruguay and Turkey!

Is tango really a lovers quarrel? Or maybe a longing for love, left the homeland imbued with nostalgia and delicacy?
Many myths have arisen around tango. One thing is for sure – it will be touching and beautiful.
We cordially invite you to a concert combined with tango shows!

They will dance: Antonella Terrazas & Ivan Terrazas (Argentina), Lorena González Cattáneo & Gastón Camejo (Uruguay), Müge Üner & Selçuk Atalay (Turkey)

Price: PLN 80