Krakus Aires Tango Festival

  • Datum: 28 April 2023
  • Uhrzeit: 21:00
  • Veranstaltungsart: Milonga
  • Ort: Kraków, Poland
  • Veranstaltungsort: Wieliczka Salt Mine
Krakus Aires Tango Festival 2023 with Bandonegro & Carlos Roulet!
Feel invited for the V edition of the Krakus Aires, an international tango festival in Kraków, famous for its spectacular venues and high-level dancers.
Gianpiero Galdi & Lorena Tarantino
Giorgos Nikou & Katerina Chatzipanteli
Tymoteusz Ley & Dilara Ogretmen
Leo Di Cocco & Agnieszka Stach
Bandonegro Tango Orchestra with Carlos Roulet
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REGISTRATION finish on 31st of January –>
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For 5 days we are going to dance at 14 diffrent milongas in 10 different venues. The ones you cannot miss:
Wieliczka Salt Mine – Komora Warszawa – glamorous dance hall carved in salt 125 m underground with a 600 m2 wooden dance floor
Officers’ Casino – a villa in the very city center of Kraków from 1890 designed especially for dance with ball room full of Art Nouveau stucco
Hevre – a bohemian music club in a heart of jewish district
Pałac pod Baranami – The most beautiful and richest of Kraków’s functioning palaces, located on the Main Square
Guild Hall – a ballroom in the style characteristic only for Krakow with walls painted with amazing colorful patterns
“Falcon” Polish Gymnastic Society – a incredible historical sport hall decorated with paintings from 1889
Feniks Club – a very special dance club with original design from 1934
… and much more…