Gewandhaus Leipzig

  • Data: 25 marzec 2023
  • Godzina: 19:00
  • Typ wydarzenia: Koncert
  • Lokalizacja: Leipzig , Germany
  • Miejsce: Gewandhaus


Flamenco is light and heavy at the same time, easy to understand yet enigmatic, modern yet timeless. The appeal of flamenco lies in its rough beauty and its rhythmic diversity. The artists from Spain and Germany play with virtuosity and create an atmosphere with direct and intense expression; something new is born from their inspiration and interpretation. Authentically and very personally they accompany their audience on a journey through the century-old but ever-young dance style flamenco.

The artists perform virtuoso and atmospheric magic, show an immediate and intense expression and together they create something new with their inspiration and interpretation. Authentic and very personal, they take their audience on a journey through the two centuries‐old and yet eternally young arts: Flamenco and Tango.

In ‘La vida es bailar!’ (Life is dancing), each of the 12 dances stands for a special day, for a turning point in a life. A voice from offstage recounts her memories in short, often poetic lyrics. The associated feeling is translated by the musicians and set in motion by the dancers. Lust for life, lightness, being in love, friendship, love, faith, exuberance, loss, loneliness, memory, death and resurrection are the themes that are set to music and danced on this evening.

The great diversity of the programme is like life itself.

FLAMENCO y TANGO PASIÓN inspires its audience with passion, drama, elegance, rhythmic refinements, new ideas, a touch of magic and the fusion of two souls.