Estreno del disco “Hola Astor” Wroclaw

  • Fecha: 21 octubre 2019
  • Hora: 19:00
  • Tipo de evento: Concierto
  • Ubicación: Wrocław, Poland
  • Lugar de evento: IMPART, Mazowiecka 17

Premiere of the HOLA ASTOR album in Wrocław.

Fresh, energetic, exciting, revolutionary and fancy – this is how you can describe the new Bandonegro “Hola Astor”, which was released on June 26. On October 21, the band will promote material at a concert in Imparta.

The album “Hola Astor” is a real revolution of the genre, a new idea, style and musical language. The first author’s album of the Polish Bandonegro quartet (bandoneon, violin, piano, double bass) is a fusion of tango with jazz and rock sound. The band invited two musicians from the leading Polish jazz scene to the project, Dawid Kostka (electric guitar) and Mateusz Brzostowski (drums), thanks to which the compositions gained a unique character. The album consists of works by Astor Piazzolla from the 70s in new arrangements and Bandonegro’s own compositions.

– Young musicians prepared the perfect set – including their own compositions – and subjected it to an interesting and creative manner. It is no longer playing tango, “playing Astor” or searching for high-flying musical associations. The compositions are served perfectly, very emotionally and with fantasy […] This is a new look at the tradition of musical tango, a thorough analysis of what tango is energy, dance and rhythm, and what is beauty and warm elation – notes Dionizy Piątkowski, journalist and music critic, organizer of the Jazz Era