Dutch International Tangoweek ONLINE!

  • Data: 31 maj 2020
  • Godzina: 16:30
  • Typ wydarzenia: Milonga
  • Lokalizacja: Netherland, Marienhof in Amersfoort
  • Miejsce: Digital Tango Room


Join us here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nvyAwMScrBw&feature=emb_title

This coming Pentecost weekend (May 31th and June 1st) we will bring the Argentine Tango to your home. With streams from different locations around the world you will get acquainted with the best international tango-maestros. A special and once in a lifetime chance to enjoy the big names from all over the world for free.

It hasn’t been done before. Musicians from all over the world together in a festival for Argentine tango music. On Pentecost Sunday we broadcast live from the Marienhof in Amersfoort. A special programming, with performances live from Amersfoort, Berlin and Buenos Aires.  A festival to get acquainted with the new generation of musicians who love the Argentine Tango.

We realize that nothing beats the experience of these professionals in an intimate and small setting where you can touch them, so to speak. Because unfortunately that’s not possible, we choose to offer these talents a large international stage. Together with our partners all over the world, we offer this livestream so that everyone can enjoy and we can still offer these artists a place to play and a gage in this difficult period.