Artetango Festival 2019

  • Date: 31 October 2019
  • Time: 21:00
  • Type of event: Milonga
  • Location: Albi, France

Artetango Festival 2019 enters in its 12th year .. that of road traveled since 2008!

Thanks to the enthusiasm of the public and its fidelity, we were able to go from artistic discoveries in creation-residence, from dance courses to the opening on the master-class of music, collaborations in partnerships, and especially of success in success … We are delighted to invite you to this next edition, always revisited, renewed artistically, on the wire of an authentic but modern Argentine tango. From the city center to the Salle Pratgraussals, follow in the footsteps of the tango, enter the Argentinean cinema, listen to the notes of the invited orchestras and dance if you feel like it, enjoy this festival open to all audiences, curious and music lovers of the world .. Albi is adorned with a Latin beauty, a heart that beats to the rhythm of bombo and bandoneon! (Claire Prouhet, founder, director)