20th years of Icelandic Tango Association

  • Data: 29 sierpień 2020
  • Godzina: 20:00
  • Typ wydarzenia: Koncert Milonga
  • Lokalizacja: Reykjavik, Iceland
  • Miejsce: Hard Rock Cafe Reykjavik

20-year anniversary of the Tango Club

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Tango Club Reykjavík you are invited to take part in a very special milonga on Saturday August 29th.

Venue:  Hard Rock Café, Lækjargata 2a, Reykjavík.
Time: 20:00-24:00.

It will be a a very special milonga indeed, because we will enjoy live music performed by the  fabulous tango orchestra  Bandonegro, who visit us from Poland, and Bryndís Halldórsdóttir & Hany Hadaya, the founders of Tango Club Reykjavik are special guests and will visit us from Copenhagen and give a show at the milonga, partly accompanied by Bandonegro.

The milonga starts at 20:00 and the orchestra starts playing at 20:30 and the tango show will begin at around 22:00.
DJ: Þórður Steingrímsson.

To warm up for the evening Bryndís & Hany will give a class at 14:00-15:30 in Dansverkstæðið at Hjarðarhagi 47 (entrance through back door).  The class is for those who have taken a longer or shorter break from dancing tango and also for those who wish to be well prepared for the evening.  The purpose of the class is to rekindle our tango skills and to help us keep the flow of dancing in synchronicity with the music.
Important notice: It is necessary to register with a dance partner and it will not be possible to change partners during the class.

On Friday, August 28th,  Bryndís & Hany will give an open class at El Cramo at Kramhúsið from 21:00 to 22:15.  This class is open for beginners and also for more experienced dancers.  The theme of the class is: „The beauty of the parrada“.

Registration: To registrate please send an e-mail to:  tangofelagid@gmail.com

Registering for the class on Saturday: please submit name and
e-mail address together with the name of your dance partner.  Confirmation of registration together with information about payments will be sent by the club to participants by e-mail.

Admission fees:  

Milonga: 4.500 when paid in advance. 5.000 at the door.
(Advance payment is possible until Saturday morning, August 29th).

Class on Saturday August 29th: 3.500 kr. per person for members of the club, 4.500 for those who are not members).

Open class on Friday 28th: 2.000 per person.