Bandonegro in Buenos Aires (2019)

film by Fabio Sánchez Vidal

Four young tango musicians set off from Poland to Argentina to fulfill their dream and play in the most iconic halls of the tango capital. From spontaneous matches in the La Boca district, statements by tango legends, to illegal milongas, Bandonegro in Buenos Aires reveals a tango you’ve never seen before.

During the documentary we will learn more about the band members, about the music that brought them together, about their goals, motivations and dreams. Bandonegro in Buenos Aires is at the same time a journey into the depths of the Argentine culture deeply rooted in dance and customs typical only for the inhabitants of South America. The document also touches on the problems faced by modern Buenos Aires. All this supported by interviews and statements of local porteños allows a better understanding of the culture and history of the country from the bay of La Plata.

The leitmotif of the film is tango, which was born in the port districts of Buenos Aires, and has now become an international, wordless language of the world. Thanks to the fascination with this genre, a team of four young Poles who knew each other from the first grade of primary school formed the Bandonegro group. In order to make their dream come true and see what tango looks like at source, they set out on a five-week trip to Buenos Aires.

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From spontaneous football matches in the La Boca district, creating exciting music, statements of tango legends or performances on underground milongas. The film will reveal the backstage of the concert tour and show you BANDONEGRO like you’ve never seen before. "Bandonegro in Buenos Aires" follows a group of four musicians from Poland who came to Argentina to make their dreams come true. During 5 weeks they played 16 concerts in the most iconic tango clubs in Argentina and during the prestigious Argentina Tango Salon festival.

Fabio Sánchez Vidal - Director

Fabio Sánchez Vidal was born on March 10, 1998 in Valencia, Spain. His parents Enrique Sánchez Romero (doctor) and Elisa Vidal Val (socio-cultural animator) created a house full of art. His father worked on the radio for several years reciting poetry and his mother often practiced in house various roles for theater performances - she is an actress by profession. The atmosphere at home had a considerable impact on Fabio - a creative perception of the world and the desire to express the resulting reflection.