Digital Tango Room

Data wpisu: 26 March 2020

We will not sit back and watch the virus take away our artistic activities and contact with you!

Tomorrow at 20:00 we are starting the first online concert with great sound quality, for free, simultaneously on Facebook and Youtube platforms. Thank you for your support!

#StayHome #StayTango

In today’s difficult times for the tango world, where we are all closed and isolated, we want to make TANGO still live among us! We will do what is our passion, life and what we LOVE, so we will play MUSIC for You! Unfortunately, the current situation is difficult for us and because of virus all our concerts in Europe were canceled until the end of May. For this reason, every week at Thursday at 20:00 we will play for you milongas and concerts, live from our DIGITAL TANGO ROOM.

Your donation will help us create music and make it possible for us to produce and release it during the time of coronavirus. Your support will also help us release a new EP💿, which we planned to premiere in April.

We are happy that we will be able to share our music with you 🎶 Join us, dance tango and be safe in your home.

Hugs hugs