About us

We love music,
we love tango.

It was in 2010 when the rhythm of tango made our heart skip a beat. We decided to understand the music, which carries within itself a tremendous amount of energy, passion, and emotions. Ever since that moment, we teleport our listeners into the mesmerizing world of tango.

We love to play with our music which is why in our repertoire you will find traditional tango, designated for dancers. There is also Alternative Tango, original compositions, Astor Piazzolla’s Tango Nuevo or an arrangement of tango-themed world hits. We want to show you this genre from all angles, so we can finally create our own, original language.

These past few years we have turned average Milonga’s into real festivals of dance and music, ensuring that everyone is teleported into our world of Bandonegro. We have performed at the most important international tango festivals in Berlin, Stockholm, Warsaw, Lodz, Copenhagen, Oslo, Malmo, Munich, Bonn and Dublin. We have collaborated with the orginating tango artists: Nelson Pino (Montevideo, Uruguay), Roberto Siri (Buenos Aires, Argentina), Juan Martin Carrara & Stefania Collina (Buenos Aires, Argentina) and Maria Ines Bogado & Roberto Zuccarino (Buenos Aires, Argentina) .

Our concerts make for a spectacular show. We are the first tango band in the world to play alongside pop stars such as Maryla Rodowicz, Edyta Górniak, Andrzej Piaseczny and Helena Vondrackova. In 2016, we participated at the Atmasfera Poland Tour in the biggest concert halls where around 500,000 people attended.

Unity, passion, and harmony distinguishes us, but also phenomenal contact between the dancers and the crowd. Thanks to this attitude, we are recognized as one of the best young tango orchestras in Europe. A major milestone in our career was winning the 2011 “PIF Castelfidardo” award in Italy, in the Astor Piazzolla music category.

Why did we choose the name Bandonegro? The bandoneon is the soul of tango and is commonly referred to as the accordions German cousin. It was originally used for religious music but with time it made its way onto the streets of Buenos Aires and became an inseparable part of tango. Negro means “black” in Spanish and ultimately indicates the colour of the bandoneon, furthermore, it exists as a tribute to African immigrants, who participated in the birth of tango.

About us

Team members

Michał Główka

„Thanks to music I can speak in a language that everyone interprets differently.”

Michał Główka

Bandoneon / Accordion

Born in Poznań, 1993. He attended Prof. Jerzy Kaszub’s classes and graduated from the Academy of Music in Bydgoszcz.

Developed his skills under the tutelage of famous musicians, such as Prof. Klaudiusz Baran, Prof. Grzegorz Stopa, Prof. Alexander Dmitriev and Jurij Szyszkin. Laureate award winner in national and international contests. In 2010, during one competition he heard Astor Piazzolla's music. During this moment he was fascinated by tango and as a result, decided to form his own band.

Jakub Czechowicz

„I want my music to detach listeners from their everyday lives, to take them to a different world.”

Jakub Czechowicz


Born in Poznań, 1993. Since the age of 12, prominent teacher Prof. Wojciech Maliński has led him. Under the mentorship of Prof. Wojciech Grabarczyk, he studied at the Academy of Music in Poznań. Additionally, in 2015, he graduated with a degree in Management and Marketing.

He has won multiple laureate awards at national and international violin competitions. Solo performances ceased to interest him immediately after establishing the band. Sharing his emotions on stage and in front of large audiences gives him the biggest satisfaction.

Marek Dolecki

„When I feel that the audience let themselves be swept off their feet, I become inspired by something… out of this world.”

Marek Dolecki


Born in Poznań, 1993. A student of the famous polish pianist Prof. Bogumił Nowicki. He graduated from the Academy of Music in Poznań.

A laureate award winner for the international piano competition “Amadeus” in Brno, „Concours Musical De France” in Krakow and the piano competition „Hillera” in Gorlitz. He has perfected his artistry under the watchful eyes of Aleksiej Orłowiecki, Martin Hughes, Roberto Siri, Elżbieta Tarnawska, Monika Sikorska- Wojtacha and Waldemar Wojtal.

Marcin Antkowiak

"Tango is a language, which particularly brings me in touch with my emotions."

Marcin Antkowiak

Double bass

Born into a musical family, in Poznań, 1993. Since childhood, his parents infected him with an unusual sensitivity towards sounds. He learned how to play the piano in class. However, in 2004, he switched over to the double bass. He first graduated with a honours degree from the Musical College, then the Academy of Music under the tutelage of Prof. Szymon Guzowski, gaining the title Master of Arts.

His second passion is composing. Songs of his creation and arrangements can be heard at every concert.